Contingency Service

Alliance Collection Service, Inc.  provides our clients with services contingent on performance.  With our contingency service, if we don’t collect, we don’t get paid.  There are no hidden fees, just straight-forward, simple, and fair pricing.

In order to insure a win/win relationship with our clients, we do our homework from the very beginning.  Some areas that affect what contingency rate you might pay include:

  • Age of the accounts
  • Average balance of accounts
  • Number of account placed and how often
  • Placement method
  • Socio-economic conditions
  • Industry or medical specialty
  • Demographic information available

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contingency service,

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Age of the

Average balance
of accounts

Number of account
placed and how often


Socio-economic conditions

Industry or Medical Specialty

Demographic information available

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Alliance Collection Service, Inc.  has  had the opportunity to assist numerous clients by:

  • Increasing their cash flow.
  • Maximizing their business office productivity through collections.
  • Protecting their public image and enhancing that image through ACS tactics in end AR management.

We would like to take some time to get to know what your challenges are and what goals you have in an effort to make your life much more enjoyable and give you the time to do the things that are important to you.

Simply fill out the quick fields below and click submit and we will call you to schedule a time that is best for you to discuss these things.  Let’s get you out of the office and off to do the things you love!”

Remember, we are dedicated to customer satisfaction.  Try us out and let us prove it to you today!

ACES Prepaid program

At Alliance, we realize that some companies only need to place an account for collection every now and then.  It seems unfair to charge you for multiple accounts up front when you only need to place one account, so we created the Alliance Collection Express Service or “ACES”.

There are no minimums and no maximums.  Simply fill out the agreement and placement form for each account, enclose a check for the service and mail it to us, or you can complete all of these online.  WE DO THE REST!

When the past due account is recovered you get it all.  No commission, no hidden fees, no hassles.

ACES lets you control your accounts receivables and is a great tool for your business office when they are trying to recover your money in-house.

What does the

aces prepaid program include?

Collection letter

Up to 9 Calls

Limited guarantee

Only $20.00 per account – No commission fees!

** NOTICE: ACES prepaid service is restricted to certain states. Call for details.

** ACES services do not include skip tracing, legal services, or 24/7 access. **

To sign-up and place ACES accounts please follow this process step-by-step: