Setup ACES ACcount

Alliance Collection Service needs you to complete this agreement on file before placing accounts. You will only need to do this once.

  • Client authorizes Agency to act as Attorney in fact relative to checks, drafts, money orders, etc., received during the collection of accounts submitted by Client.

    Agency shall indemnify and hold harmless Client for any claims, loss, or damage, including Attorney fees and court costs arising out of or due to Agency’s efforts to collect money.

    All monies will be remitted to Client within 45 days of payment by Agency.

    Agency agrees to accept accounts under the following plans on a prepaid basis:

    ACES Includes:
    Send one letter and 9 phone calls $20.00 per account.

    *** Please enclose check for total amount of accounts placed and plan purchased after completion of the account listing form.

    Agency will not be held responsible for any jeopardy caused by Client’s failure to report information to Agency or for Client’s submission of an account for collection which is not correct and/or proper under state and federal statutes.

    Agency will not be held responsible for any account that is not in default, is not valid, or that does not comply with state and federal usury laws. All accounts placed must represent a valid debt.

    All information in this agreement is strictly confidential. All agreements between Agency and Client are incorporated herein and no statement made by either party shall vary the terms herein expressed.

    No fees may be added to any account without prior written approval from Agency. State usery laws apply to all balances. This agreement does not include skip tracing or legal services in any form.